Working through the pandemic has been a challenge for many, with the ‘Great Resignation’ symptomatic of workforces that have recognised their options and used the pandemic as an opportunity to reflect on what they want from a workplace. In fact, research we recently conducted found that younger generations are leading the ‘Great Resignation’, with 27% of Gen Z employees expected to quit their jobs in the next six months.  There are a myriad of factors behind these figures, but businesses need to reflect on what more they can do to support staff.

With many of us spending longer hours at our computers each day, 2022 will see more UC providers incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into their platforms this year to streamline operations and to better support staff. AI already has the capability to take  notes during meetings, provide lists of actions, meeting summaries and minutes. AI will also increasingly be used to help with the live transcription of video calls and enhance the capabilities of screen-readers to better improve the accessibility of UC platforms.

But on top of this, what we’ll also see is AI flipping over to IA – intelligence automation. Where AI was man vs machine, IA focuses on making the computer as smart as the human. People will increasingly look for machines that can augment their intelligence, not simply prove their superiority. I believe we’ll start to see pervasive IA in everything we do, whether it’s driving a car or picking up the phone. If you think about all the technologies today that help people become more effective and productive, combined with the falling cost of IA, we’ll certainly start to see it take off.


By Steve Rafferty, Head of International Sales at RingCentral



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