Imagine that you visit your friend and they make you a coffee. They take your favorite mug, put two teaspoons of coffee grains, and one teaspoon of sugar, and fill in half a glass with milk, just as you like it. How do you feel? Does it delight you that they remember what you like? In other words – does this personalization please you?

I guess that you nod your head. So now I can share with you something surprising – in this case, customers treat brands as their friends. Indeed, McKinsey’s study from 2021 revealed that 71% of consumers want personalized interactions with companies. More importantly, if a company doesn’t meet this need, as much as 76% of respondents get frustrated.

Personalization matters, but it’s not the only reason interactions will be – in my opinion – the leading trend for the business in 2023. My name is Tomek Młodzki, and I’m the CEO of PhotoAiD – a Polish startup developing a biometric photography mobile app. Below, I’m sharing two more reasons why interactions will rule the business world.

The more digitalization, the greater need for interactions.

A digital revolution affects almost all aspects of our lives. Look at the latest technology trends – IoT, blockchain, and edge computing. Everything is moving online. At the same time, other trends, such as Augmented Reality, Voice assistants, and Ameca robots, are examples that show that we want this digital reality to look like the real one. People want to collaborate with machines, but only if they are similar to human beings. Therefore, businesses will also head toward including interactive features in their products: the more technological solutions, the greater need for interactions.

Immediate feedback.

Living in a fast-paced world, customers want immediate responses. Just think about it – if you are always in a hurry, you don’t use to wait long for a reply from customer service. At least, it’s what we learned from the feedback from our clients. Right now, our online service for taking passport photos provides expert advice only after sending a picture. But customers would like to get that information immediately. So we are working on new functionality – – an algorithm that would analyze the camera view of the user and share tips on how to improve the picture in real-time. Since it’s our conclusion based on clients’ comments, we see that more and more companies in our industry think the same and implement similar advancements.

As an app user – are you looking forward to improvements like this?


By Tomek Mlodzki, CEO & Co-founder at PhotoAiD  




About the author

Along with his brothers, Tomek founded Poland’s first company dealing with the production and service of photo booths.

Currently, the company is making people’s lives easier by developing the world’s largest AI-based online service for taking biometric photos: PhotoAiD.





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