The talk surrounding artificial intelligence can scarcely go unseen. Many groundbreaking solutions are credited to AI. Autonomous cars, robots, live speech translations, and much more. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos “AI in a golden age and solving problems that were once in the realm of SCi FI”

So with the buzz around it, what is AI?

AI is a computer system capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence. Alan Turing, the inventor of the first computer program In 1946, focused on the problem of AI even back then! Spoiler, although the study of AI in the last 70 years has led to many technological breakthroughs. None of them has actually produced artificial intelligence; the techniques used today are known as “narrow AI,” and are what people usually mean when they use the term AI.

So what has that got to do with the video industry?

Well, a lot! It is an exciting time for video innovation, and it is happening now! The possibilities are endless; Narrow AI is already improving many mainstream products we are currently exploring in Visual Domain. To name a few; the ability to automatically tag an enormous archive of raw video for their content, clean their digital dust and draw value from reused for rare video moments.

The ability to recommend to our customers what kind of video style, characters, and audio will work best for their industry and audience. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Other uses currently in early stages are techniques to generate AI-based storyboards and full videos created on the fly without human intervention. My favourite is a video with no real talent; yes, the latest AI-based facial recognition allows you to model the facial expirations of humans and replay any text using different individuals. Select any actor to play in your movie without attending the set or even reading the script. That will make the next 007 audition easier than ever!

The examples above are just a small test of what’s already put there and in R&D, like all other sections of life, AI is here to improve the quality of our lives dramatically. The only question left is which part in your company can be the first move for AI?


By Netanel Teicher


Netanel Teicher Biography = Chief Innovation Officer of Visual Domain


Armed with a basketball, a whistle and a commanding voice, tech entrepreneur Netanel Teicher was just 17 years old when he created his first start-up.


Now, he’s the Chief Innovation Officer of Visual Domain, an Australian video production service that makes it easy for companies to quickly produce videos targeting customers.


Using industry-first technology, Visual Domain operates an online hub that allows clients to liaise directly with more than 100 video content experts to produce targeted and effective videos in record time. It’s a seamless service that helps companies meet consumers’ soaring demand for video content.


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