The appeal of crypocurrency…

I knew absolutely nothing about the cryptocurrency & NFT space before myself and my colleagues created FilmCoin. I honestly thought I’d missed the boat in terms of opportunities in this area, I had terrible FOMO and I wished I’d bought Bitcoin for $1 like everyone else in the World!

I’m the least techie person, but I’ve always had an interest in using technology to make my life and my business easier. This is the direction we are all moving in – so we are just adopting what’s going to happen – this is not a trend that’s going away!

I like the idea that the Film & Television industries can have their own currency – FilmCoin – and it’s not just another ALT Coin. it does something, it has a utility and it’s linked to e-commerce, NFTs and actual content.

The benefit of Blockchain for me is the speed & transparency…

FilmCoin started when Paul Carroll contacted me from Darkhorse Teck for a meeting regarding utilising NFTs to help fund our Film Content. I did some research and liked the idea of transacting using the blockchain from a transparency point of view. Everyone can see how many sales have been made and on the revenue side you’re paid instantly – there is no waiting months for statements and having to wait for 30 days for your invoices to be paid. So, I suggested fusing Crypto/NFTs and Content and here we are getting ready to launch the World’s first ever Digital Content Studio that empowers independent film makers Worldwide to make the content they want to make.

We are using NFTs in a new way…the artwork is important, but so is the utility…

I’ve known artist Jim Wheat for years. He has always used a Gorilla as his calling card – which I always thought was fun and cool. I then asked him how he felt about using the Gorilla to be linked into a film and spin out an NFT collection based around it – but adding a gangster/music/street angle to reflect themes in FilmCoin’s upcoming film.  To my knowledge we are the first people in the World to create and do this -we created GrimeGorilla$. Each one of our NFTs will have a film related surprise prize inside.



I personally think NFT collectors are always looking for something different, cool and limited and if they have a utility too, they will be highly sought after and collectable.

The ‘Crypto Crash’ in the headlines needs to be understood with some context…

People talk of “The Crypto Crash” but what we are currently experiencing a “World Crash”. Out of chaos comes opportunity.

Future predictions – is crypto the future of film?

I think it’s an interesting alternative and combined with NFT’s and the Blockchain it is the future in my opinion. It could certainly disrupt the industry as it currently is – a bit like when the streamers started funding their own content; making originals and exclusives that were only available to their customers.

It’s difficult to understand this space if you are not under 25 years old…but it’s the future, so we must learn…

There are plenty of books available and lots of ‘teach yourself’ videos on YouTube. I bought CryptoCurrency for Dummies and NFT’s for Dummies and found these books both really helpful. It’s hard to get your head around this space initially – but when the World goes cashless – which is coming – everyone will have to adopt having a wallet or account on your device.

FilmCoin is the world’s first of its kind blockchain-powered Film creation and Television production cryptocurrency, with Advocates and Senior Executives including SVP Terry Stone + Danish Chaudhry; co-founder of the Exchange and the current CEO of the centralised cryptocurrency exchange  Visit:




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